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About Us

Mission Roofing was founded by Edward Usher in 1984. Ed began his construction career in 1968 as an apprentice carpenter in Santa Barbara. Ed was able to learn all phases of construction from the most experienced journeymen carpenters in the field as his employer specialized in custom homes in an affluent area. In 1976, Ed got his general contractor's license and started his first construction business.
As a builder of custom homes, Ed saw a need for a quality roofing company in Santa Barbara. Wanting to diversify, he started his second construction business, Mission Roofing, which has been his main emphasis since that time. Mission Roofing was incorporated in 1996, and our name was changed to Santa Barbara Mission Roofing doing business as Mission Roofing.
Whether your work is new, re-roofing, or repair, you can count on Mission Roofing for quality work from the start to avoid problems in the future. When a client has problems, Mission Roofing is well-known for finding the stubborn leaks and correcting water-related construction difficulties from the ground up. We offer services necessary to handle any roofing or waterproofing project.

At Mission Roofing We Believe in:

  • Being Honest with Our Customers
  • Giving Our Customers a Quality Product without Cutting Corners
  • Doing What We Say We Are Going to Do
  • Being Fair with Our Employees, Customers, & All Those Involved with a Job
Contact your neighborhood roofing contractor in Santa Barbara, California, to learn more about us and request an estimate today.