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Synthetic slate roofing is a composite material manufactured from polymers that imitates the beauty of natural slate roofs without some of their drawbacks. Synthetic slate tiles are lightweight and quick to install. Unlike natural slate roofs they are not brittle, instead of being prone to cracking and breaks these strong roof tiles can flex under foot traffic and cold weather. These composite shingles are resistant to high winds and offer manufacturer warranties agains wind damage. Unlike some faux slate roofs of the past newer composites are colored throughout the helping to retain their color over the life of the product. Synthetic slate tiles are available in many natural earth tones, textures and contours close to those of natural slate tiles. If your looking for a high-quality slate roof without the maintenance consider synthetic. Call Mission Roofing today at (805) 963-5856 for a free estimate.

Realistic slate colors and texture

Realistic Slate Colors & Texture

Todays faux slate tiles give us the greatest degree of color, texture, and contour choices making for timeless roofing material that is not only beautiful but endures even the harshest climates.

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Timeless Slate Roofing

Imitation slate roof tiles provide an attractive alternative to natural slate for homeowners interested in incorporating the look of natural slate into their home’s appearance.

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