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Inspired by the traditional English cottages, slate roofs are timeless, elegant, and unique. Since they are made of natural stone they can last more than a century. Natural slate is one of the most sought after roofing materials available today and not only adds curb appeal but appreciation to a home. The dramatic look of natural slate roofs set homes apart from the rest. From a durability standpoint, slate roofs are fireproof and boast a Class 4 hail rating. Slate is also an eco-friendly option, made without chemicals and petroleum products. Natural slate tiles can also be recycled after they’re used and won’t contaminate groundwater or harm the environment.

Natural slate roofing requires an experienced installer like Mission Roofing. If you don’t have the budget for natural slate you might consider faux slate as a more affordable alternative, but if your home’s prestige is important, give us a call today at (805) 963-5856; and one of our experts will give you a free onsite estimate.

Slate Roof Tiles

Natural Slate Roofing Tiles

Since slate tiles are made from natural stone, they’re durable, reliable, and can last more than a 100 years.

Slate Roofing Tiles

Not Your Parents Slate Tiles

Due to advanced manufacturing techniques a variety of slate tile shapes are now available at a much lower cost.

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